best travel pillow supplier

What is the best travel pillow supplier?

What is the best travel pillow supplier?

Well, first we need to figure out what is best pillow supplier?

As far as I am concerned:

The best pillow supplier must have a good supply chain, so he can control the whole production line, to make good quality products, to deliver bulk orders on time, and to have a good after-sale service team.

Best pillow manufacturer must have a professional sales & marketing team, so they know what customers want most to develop & launch new tech on their new products and service, to help their customers best.

When it comes to best travel pillow supplier, the supplier must have a good supply chain & professional sales & marketing team, Putian has been in the travel pillow industry for 15 years.

They are determined to provide the highest quality travel pillow with cheaper prices possible. Putian has won a lot of good reviews from travel pillow distributors, especially memory foam travel pillow clients.

What Putian Can Do for You

Fast service: From price-quotation to make a formal proforma invoice, from supply chain to travel pillow trends development, our 15 years+ sales team will give you one-stop consultant service.

You don’t need to worry about the complex import processing, we deal that for you, you need to focus on selling on your local market.

Quality guarantee: To ensure that our customers receive only quality travel pillow, we test each pillow before shipping and provide one year guarantee on all travel pillows.

Unlike many other Chinese pillow manufacturers, at Putian, we test all pillows before shipping them to our wholesalers and distributors. Every travel pillow is tested a smallest of 2 times to guarantee that there are no defects.

Why You Should Choose Putian

Experience: Having been in the travel pillow industry for over 15 years, Putian knows how important fast service, quality memory foam pillow, and low prices are to our customers.

Low Prices & High Quality: As a leader in the after-market wholesale travel pillow industry in China, we strive to provide only the premium quality to our customers with only 2/3 price as the other pillow factory.

Besides our competitive pricing, we provide extra OEM & ODM services based on your ordering volume.

You can visit for travel pillow details if you have any problems with any item on wholesale travel pillow. Feel free to email or DM to WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 133 0141 2888, you’ll get a reply within 24 hours.

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