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A Best knee pillow 2021

How to find the best knee pillow is always what people have always wanted to know.

Are you still unable to sleep because of back pain?

Are you still unable to sleep because of sciatica pain?

This guide will introduce:

  1. What is knee pillow?

  2. How to distinguish good knee pillow?

  3. How to buy knee pillow?

  4. Who should use knee pillows?

  5. Who should avoid knee pillows?

  6. Key Benefits of Using a Knee Pillows

  7. Frequently asked questions about knee pillows

1.What is knee pillow

Knee pillows are small pillows specifically made to fit between or beneath the knees. most of pillow are made with high density foam. Side sleepers often use memory foam knee pillow between their knees, while back sleepers commonly put them beneath the knees. memory foam knee pillow can increase comfort while side sleepers sleeping. They do this by promoting alignment of the spine, pain relief, and helping to keep the body in a comfortable position. it’s a best gift for back sleepers, side sleepers and more.

Without a knee pillow, side sleepers lying on their sides may find that their spine is out of alignment, which may cause knee, back hip pain. back sleepers lying one their back will cause backache again. it can restore this alignment and reduce joint pressure and pain.

Some side sleepers use a regular pillow under or between the knees. Although this may provide comfort, a specially designed pillow may provide more comfort in a smaller volume for back sleepers. memory foam knee pillows are much smaller than standard bed pillows and are usually ergonomically designed to fit human legs.

2.How to distinguish good knee pillow?

A good memory foam knee pillow can help side sleepers or back sleepers get better sleep, but no pillow can meet everyone’s needs. Different peoples have different heights and weights, which also leads to different leg pressures for everyone. Knee pillow fit side sleepers, but wedge pillow fit back sleepers. Fat side sleepers have more pressure on their legs, and pillows suitable for thin people are not suitable for them. On the contrary, side sleepers of normal weight cannot use leg pillows suitable for fat side sleepers. The pillows used by fat side sleepers are very hard with strong support, so a good orthopedic knee pillow must be the pillow that are suitable for their weight. So how to distinguish a good pillow?

Check the height of the pillow when it is used

  • The higher the height, the stronger the support.
  • The lower the height, the weaker the support.

3.How to buy knee pillow?

Although the leg pillows of different brands on the market look similar, they do differ in structure, material, and function. Because of these differences, some people feel more comfortable on some knee pillows than others. There are many factors to consider when buying a 100% pure memory foam knee pillow. It is important to remember your characteristics and needs. Your sleeping position preference, weight and budget will affect the pillow that suits you best. Knowing exactly what to look for can save time and help you buy the most suitable memory foam knee pillow for you. Unfortunately, some pillow companies use unexplainable language when describing their memory foam pillows. Through excellent writing, they can make their pillows sound great without sharing a lot of specific information about them. We recommend that you stop reading vague advertising instructions, but check the specific functions of the knee pillow. The most suitable pillow for you will depend on your body and personal preference. In this section, we will examine various factors that are very important when choosing a memory foam leg pillow. With a deeper understanding of size, weight, shape, material, etc., you will be able to evaluate many memory foam knee pillow options on the market.

Size and Weight

The size of the knee pillow is related to the sleeping person. Some memory foam knee pillows are small, while others are almost as big as traditional pillows. When choosing a big memory foam knee pillow or a small pillow, you should base yourself on your height and weight, because a small memory foam pillow cannot support a large body weight. But the large size of the knee pillow does not mean strong support, because the weight of the knee pillow is also different. The manufacturing process of memory foam products is like making bread. Almost all memory foam knee pillows on the market are made of memory foam, and knee pillows cannot be made without water. The heavier the weight of the knee pillow, the greater the proportion of water in the production process. Conversely, the lighter the weight of the knee pillow, the lower the proportion of water.

Hardness and Support

In knee pillows, the amount of support provided is closely related to the thickness and stiffness of the pillow. Generally, thicker, harder pillows provide more support. Larger, heavier people may need the most support, while lighter-weight people can use thinner, softer pillows and get enough support.

The hardness level is different from that of a mattress, and knee pillows usually do not have a hardness level. But we can judge the support force by weight. The heavier the knee pillow, the lower the support force, and the lighter the knee pillow, the stronger the support force. If you want to buy a knee pillow with strong support, you only need to make sure that the weight of this knee pillow is less than the knee pillow you used before. Usually pillow brands and pillow distributors usually list the size and weight of their knee pillows online. But trying a knee pillow is the best way to determine whether it is strong enough to meet your needs.


There are many shapes of orthopedic knee pillows on the market, and they are very tall, so the pillows can be easily placed between the legs of a side sleepers. The most suitable orthopedic knee pillow for side sleepers is designed to sit between the thighs or fit along the length of the calf. There are also best knee pillows shaped like cylinders and wedges, which are perfect for placing pillows on the back pillow below the knee.

Common shapes of knee pillows include the following:

Hourglass: This is the most common shape for orthopedic knee pillow, and in most cases, it is also the cheapest option. The contour of the hourglass is consistent with the natural curvature of the knees to increase comfort and keep your legs in place all night.

Wedge-shaped: Wedge-shaped pillows are triangular or half-moon-shaped. When placed below the knee, they are best for sleepers. However, many side sleepers also find them comfortable enough.

Body: The body pillow is unusually large, designed to reach the figure of an adult. Some people put a body pillow between their legs to reduce the pressure on the back and reduce the friction between the knees and legs. Body pillows are not necessarily designed to fit between the knees, but many people use them for this. To learn more, check out our “Best Body Pillow” guide.

Knee pads are usually made of high density memory foam or high density foam plastic. They can be one piece or cut into small pieces and packed in a box. They usually have a washable covering made of cotton or synthetic fibers (for example polyester and/or rayon). Most knee pillows are medium or hard. This prevents your knees from overly squeezing the pillow, thereby reducing support and comfort.

Some knee pads are equipped with removable knee pads. These straps wrap around your knees to help your legs stay in place all night.

Relieve stress

Knee pads can provide pressure indirectly by promoting alignment of the spine. If the spine is not aligned properly, pressure will be put on the spine and hips. Knee pads can also directly relieve the pressure on the knees. The thickness and firmness of the knee pad will affect its degree of pressure relief.


The price of knee pillows varies greatly, with the cheapest price being less than US$10 and the most expensive price being more than US$100. In other words, most knee pillows cost between $10 and $30. The price depends on the material and structure of the product. But cheap prices do not mean poor quality. In order to quickly open the market, some new brands will take measures to reduce prices in the short term to gain sales, thereby expanding their brand influence. Reading customer reviews similar to the owner of your knee pillow will also help you a lot.

High-quality Materials

Most knee pillows are made of high density memory foam and come with some type of washable cover. High-density memory foams generally have a higher quality than low-density memory foams. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers share the details of the memory foam they use. Reading customer reviews may be more useful for determining product quality.

Who should use knee pillows?

People with Back Pain

A person suffering from back pain cannot sleep like a person sleeping on his back, because the weight of the entire body is pressed on his back, then it will prompt him to become a side sleeper , And the pillow can help people align their spine and adjust to the best sleeping posture when they sleep on their side.

People with Knee Pain

When people sleep, their sleeping posture is not fixed. They move, but people with knee pain cannot move. Once they move their body, their knees will move with it. Then knee pain will make them awake and unable to wake up. Sleep again, and the knee pillow can help people fix their legs when they sleep on their sides, reducing the number of pains caused by movement.

People with Hip Pain

Hip pain and backache are the same, both in the back of the human body. This also causes people with hip pain to be unable to move their body during sleep. They still need knee pillows to help them fix their sleeping posture, thereby reducing pain.

People with Sciatica Pain

People suffering from sciatica cannot move their body during sleep, they still need knee pillows to help them fix their sleeping posture, thereby reducing pain.

People with leg injury

People with leg injuries are even more unable to move their legs casually. Knee pads will help them to raise their legs too high to promote blood circulation, thereby helping them to recover quickly.

Pregnant woman

For many pregnant women, pregnant women often experience leg cramps and back pain. Using a body pillow or small knee pillow may help promote proper spinal alignment. sleeping with a pillow between their knees reduces pressure in the hips and pelvis that occurs as their bellies widen. Knee pillows also help pregnant women who have poor spinal alignment due to back problems related to their size.

Side Sleepers

Due to various reasons, many side sleepers experience discomfort with one leg resting on the other, as well as chafing and rubbing when the knees make contact. Knee pillows form a thick, cushioning barrier that keeps the legs apart.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers may experience pain in their lower back because of lack of spinal support. A firm memory foam pillows is recommended under your knees to support your spine and its natural curve. Wedge- and half-moon-shaped knee pillows are the most suitable for back sleepers.

Who should avoid knee pillows?

Sleepers that move frequently: Some people often toss and turn and cannot keep their knee pillows in place overnight. They may try a knee pillow with Velcro straps, but this may not be enough to hold the pillow in place all night.

Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers usually do not need knee pillows because their sleeping position does not affect the alignment of the spine in the same way. Instead, they may want to put a pillow under the hips.

Key Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow

Pillows are simple and affordable, but the benefits it brings to you are unimaginable. From reducing pain to staying comfortable while sleeping, there is no doubt that pillows can solve many problems.

There are many benefits to using knee pillows, but we outline the most important benefits.

1. Reduce stress

Using the correct pillow can keep you comfortable while sleeping, thereby eliminating pressure on your knees. Usually when sleeping, the muscle tension in the hips and lower back is very high, so knee pillows can eliminate this tension.

2. Relieve pain

After a whole day of work, you need a good sleep. A orthopedic knee pillow will help eliminate muscle cramps and pain, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

3. Knee pillows can eliminate knee pain

Usually, your knees will rub against each other when you sleep, especially on your side. In this way, your legs will eventually be rubbed while sleeping. Since the knee pillow is located between the knees, it acts as a cushion to prevent the knees from kneeling together.

Well, of course, you can decide to prevent your knees from rubbing against each other, but when your body turns without noticing, the challenge comes. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your knees do not rub against each other is to use knee pillows.

4. Knee pads are very suitable for pregnant women

Maintaining the correct posture during pregnancy is very important for the safety of the fetus. It is expected that pregnant women will fall asleep in a relaxed way so that their unborn children can grow up healthily. Using a knee pillow because it will support and align your hips and pelvis, and you will get a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

5. Knee pad pillows can provide you with the correct sleeping posture

Knee pads can keep your body in a correct sleeping position. When sleeping at night, the body regenerates tissue cells. However, if you are not relaxed or comfortable while sleeping, it may be difficult to do this. The use of high-quality knee pillows can give you a good, comfortable and relaxing night sleep, thereby leaving room for the regeneration of tissue cells.

Frequently asked questions about knee pillows

Should I get a knee pillow with a removable strap?

A memory foam knee pillow that comes with a strap is advisable if you are going to be using the pillow during sleep. This is because when you sleep you can move about, if you use a orthopedic knee pillow without a strap the pillow can become dislodged from its desired placement. A strap prevents this by holding the pillow in place. It is also advisable that the strap is adjustable so that you can use it on different parts of your leg and that it will fit your frame. The strap should form part of the washable cover and come included with the pillow. The orthopedic knee pillow comes with a cotton cover with a built-in adjustable strap (Velcro fastening). The cover is zipped, removable and machine washable.

Can I use ordinary pillows as knee pillows?

Yes, but it may not be as comfortable as the designated knee pillow. Ordinary pillows are usually too thin, too thick or too long to fit under or between the knees. However, memory foam knee pillows are specially designed to be placed between or below the knees for pain relief. As a result, they tend to work better in providing comfort.

How much is a knee pillow?

Most knee pillows cost between 20 and 60 dollars. In other words, some pillows are priced as low as $5, and can be as high as over $100. The price of a pillow depends on its size, the materials it contains, and the brand from which it is made.

How to clean the knee pad?

Most memory foam knee pillows have removable and machine washable cover. Some knee pads can be washed in a washing machine, while others should be washed by hand. The pillow owner should read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions carefully before cleaning it. Washing or drying the knee pads incorrectly may damage the knee pads and void the warranty.

Where can I buy knee pillows?

Many online and in-person stores that sell mattresses, bedding or traditional pillows also sell knee pillows. We recommend that you visit the pillow company’s website that we shared on this page, or simply search for knee pillows to find more options. When buying pillows online, please check whether the company offers free shipping and free returns.

How long can knee pillows last?

Many best knee pillows can be used for one to several years. Read customer reviews to find out how long side sleepers have had knee pillows made by a particular brand. Sometimes the pillow is thrown away for hygienic reasons. Washable, hypoallergenic knee pillows can maintain longer hygiene.

Can the knee pillow be adjusted?

Some (but not all) knee pillows are adjustable. Make sure to read the packaging or the manufacturer’s website carefully to determine if the knee pillow is adjustable. Adjustable knee pillows usually open the zipper and have movable parts. Changing the contents of the knee pillow will also adjust its thickness and stiffness.

When to use a knee pillow?

Use of a knee pillow can be advised by a medical professional such as a chiropractor or a surgeon. Chiropractors can advise the use of a good knee pillow to correct spinal and hip alignment during sleep. Surgeons can recommend knee pillows post hip or knee surgery to keep the legs equidistance apart. Knee pillows can also be used in wheelchairs or when sitting upright to again keep the knees apart at a specific distance. See above section ‘What does a knee pillow do?’ for more information on how a knee pillow specifically helps certain conditions.

All of the Putnam knee pillows are class 1 medical devices and meet CE marking criteria. They also come with a 2 year guarantee of performance and are recommended by medical professionals throughout the world.

Should I use a knee pillow if pregnant?

A knee pillow can be used during pregnancy to help with back and hip pain during sleep. They are also great for pregnant women suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) also called pelvic girdle pain. It is a condition that causes pain in the pelvis and is thought to affect as many as 1 out of 50 pregnant women. A knee pillow helps to correctly align the hips during side-sleeping to reduce both hip and back pain.

private label pillow

8 Solutions to Private Label Pillow

This year we have supported 96 people of an Amazon training program from the U.S. They needed our help to import from China and ship to Amazon’s FBA center. Although they are new to this business, they really focus on designing own packaging and adding private label to every single pillow for branding strategy.

There are too many posts on internet telling people advantages of private labeling, but no one shares their experience about “how to do”, or “how much it costs” for private labeling products when import from China.

As my team helped these new Amazon sellers add private labeling for pillows in various categories, we have derived 8 most common solutions for adding your label/logo on pillows in this article. You will learn many ideas about how to add own brand on pillows.

What is Private Label Pillow? Why It’s Important for New Business?

Private label pillow is the pillows manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer and sold with a retailer’s brand logo or pattern , it represents the seller and helps build customer loyalty.

If you want to start the pillow business that imports from China and sell on an online marketplace like Amazon, here’s the simplest and best way to do it: find a good pillow manufacturer or a pillow niche with limited existing competitors, choose quality pillows, add private label on the pillow, and start to market the pillow under your brand.

Private labeling is the best way for customers to distinguish your pillows from others. If your pillows are always built with high quality and good design, customers will pay higher prices and stay loyal to your brand. And of course, your margin will be way much larger than selling non-branded pillows or your supplier’s brand.

Add Your Private Label on Pillow & Packaging

9 private label pillow

For most categories pillows, you can add a private label (your logo) on pillow body or packaging. I have concluded 9 main solutions for private labeling that my team has dealt with all kinds pillows for our clients, and they are listed in the above graphic.

The four solutions in the left part of this graphic are for adding your logo on the pillow. These solutions are applied to pillows made from different materials. The six solutions in the right side are ideas to add your private label on pillow packaging.

Below, I will introduce all 9 solutions clearly, and also let you know the estimated cost for each solution in China. By learning all of these, you will not be overcharged by Chinese pillow manufacturers, and you will get ideas about how to add private label on your pillows.

Solution 1: Screen Printing (or Silk Screen)

Screen printing is the most common and widely used method for adding a private label on both pillow body and packaging. It can be applied to pillows made from almost all kinds of materials such as: memory foam pillows, microbeads pillows, cotton pillows, inflatable pillows, etc. If you are buying more than 500pcs/item, screen printing is the easiest and cheapest way to add your private label.

Most pillow factories in China can offer screen printing service for free if you can buy more than $2,000/item(one color/picture). Or they will charge you around $60 fee for creating printing plate of your logo, and around $0.02/product labor fee for printing.

The only drawback of screen printing is that it’s not suitable for multi-colored patterns, especially gradient color design. If you want to print your gradient color logo on pillows, you have to think about thermal transfer. Or you need to find other solutions than printing.

Solution 2: Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing process is more complicate than silk printing and it requires a temperature range from 140℃ to 180℃. Therefore, it’s a little bit more expensive than silk printing and has some restrictions on materials. It’s applicable to ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, wood and glass etc.

If you have a really fancy pattern with gradient color, thermal transfer would be your best choice. Last year my team helped a company in United States to print their picture on travel pillow via thermal transfer. The cost is around $100 for creating the printing plate, and $0.04 printing fee for the 7x7cm size gradient color logo. You can use this case as reference.

Solution 3: Machine Embroidery

Embroidery is mainly applied to pillow cover made of cloth, It’s more durable and appears higher level comparing to silk printed logos, and there are no color fading problems with this solution. However, it costs more than screen printing.

I prefer to sorting embroidery into two types. The first type is to embroider the logo directly on pillow (like the “A” on above picture). But it’s not quite suitable for very small and complex logos. By my experience, an embroidery like this in 4x5cm size is about $0.2.

The second type is to make a patch (like the right side of above image) and sew it on pillow. Normally the embroidery factories make these patches and sell them to pillow manufacturers. This way allows multi-color and complicate patterns, such as football team badge, national flag, logo of motor corporation, etc. Most vendors have minimum order amount of $50. The unit price for a 5cm x 6cm logo with four colors is like $0.12.

Solution 4: Woven Label

Normally woven labels are sewed at the edge of pillows. This label looks way better then printed logos.

The price is always related to the size and quantities. Lets’ say we do a 3x4cm size woven label. The MOQ is normally 1000 pieces with a unit price around $0.1.

Solution 5: Sticker Label

Sticker label is absolutely the simplest, cheapest and the most widely used way among all solutions. I really cannot think of anything that can’t be labeled with a sticker.

It’s quite easy to find sticker vendors who can help you print different shapes and sizes of stickers. Usually the MOQ is just $40 to $50 for one design. You’re able to get 3,000 pieces of stickers like above pic within this cost range. But if you just want 500 stickers, they might not agree to do that for you.

If you only order 500 products and get 3000 pieces of customized sticker label, it’s ok to leave the remaining stickers with your pillow manufacturer. This means you’ll probably buy more goods from them in near future. They’ll be happy to keep stickers for you.

Solution 6: Paper Cardboard

If your budget for packaging is limited, you don’t want to spend $0.2 or $0.3 to make a box for your pillows, and you don’t want to make stickers and devalue your pillow, then I think you may consider trying another option – paper cardboard. Print your private label and all other information on a cardboard and pack your pillows with it.

Paper cardboard is the best option for low cost items like travel pillows. It’s about $0.35 to buy a travel pillow from China, and the paper cardboard is around $0.03/pc.

Solution 7: Hang Tag

Hang tag is also one of the most economical ways to private label. It’s usually applied to categories like bed pillow or back cushion, etc.

Many pillow brands select the hang tag to present their label. Usually it’s made of ivory cardboard or kraft, sometimes made of plastic or even metal. In fact, many people choose to use 300gsm ivory cardboard most because of it’s economical (the same material of most business card you get from Chinese trade shows).

Solution 8: Customized Box

Making your own design and printing it on a customized box is suitable for almost all pillows. Surely it’s the most expensive solution among these 8 ways. A nice fancy box can easily make your pillow look great. It’s also a way to add extra value and sell with a higher price.

Box packaging is a very large industry. The price is related to different material, technique and machinery. Take the cheapest box – corrugated case as example, for 3000 pcs of 8”x4”x4” corrugated case with your pattern on it, the unit price is around $0.16. If you want to do a firm one like the Iphone box, it might cost you at least $0.75 each.

If you want to make your own design and don’t know from where to start, will be a good place for getting some hints. You’ll be able to download your favorite elements and find a freelancer on websites like or to help you on the designs.

The PT Pillow has over a decade of experience designing, producing, and manufacturing top memory foam products in the pillow industry. Put our manufacturing knowledge and broad range of skills to work for your retail or wholesale distribution brand.

Our goal is to bring your personal vision to life—and ultimately to market.

Whether you are looking to add private label pillow, Memory foam travel pillows, Leg Pillows, to your catalog—our team is here to help.

Private label Pillows, memory foam products are also perfect for the hospitality sector and individually owned hotels!

We are your source for private label Pillows, memory foam knee pillow /memory foam back cushion, and bolster pillow, memory foam travel pillow, and more!

Experienced and professional, The PT Pillow has worked with major bedding industry players. Make your mark in an ever growing and highly competitive market with the highest quality products and efficient knowledgeable service.

custom pillow design guideline

Custom Pillow Design – Guideline

This Post is a guideline about custom pillow design, make sure you read this carefully to ensure we can turn your pillow design into a real pillow.

Pillow design is not simple because many factors are involved, pillow filling material, pillow shape, pillow case and the pillow design idea.

The following is a brief guide for you to understand how pillows are designed from the first pillow idea to the last finished pillow on the machine.

  1. Explain the pillow design idea ( OPTIONAL )
  2. Confirm the pillow material
  3. Check out the sample
  4. Final Step: Transferring a pillow design to a production file

1.Explain the pillow design idea

Each pillow is designed to solve a body problem and help people get a better life. for example, travel pillow is designed to help us get a neck support and sleeping better while travelling, lumbar pillow is designed to relieve the back pain, knee pillow is designed to help side-sleeper relieve hip pain, sciatica, or leg pain.

If you are willing to explain your design idea, it will help us understand and accelerate our pillow business.

2.Confirm the pillow material

2.1 Confirm the pillow filling material

Designing for memory foam pillows is a very different process from designing for cotton pillow or microbead pillow.

It’s possible to make a pillow sample within one day for for cotton pillow or microbead pillow, but not for memory foam pillow, because memory foam starts its life as polyurethane foam—a material first manufactured in the 1950s by adding water, halocarbons, or hydrocarbons to a polyurethane mix. Depending on the chemicals added and the way it is processed, polyurethane can form anything from car parts to spray liner, or in this case, one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces the world has ever seen.

In the modern production of memory foam, a polyol is mixed with a diisocyanate and water. The foam rises like bread, with an open cell structure that helps give it its unique ability to spring back slowly from pressure. The introduction of gases into the initial solution creates a bubble matrix; vary the application of chemicals, and the size of the bubbles changes. A more open cell structure will have more give, and allow more airflow through the material.

After receiving the memory foam pillow mold, we still need enough time to adjust the proportion of raw materials in order to get a perfect comfort and support.

2.2 Confirm the pillow case material

Finding a comfortable and breathable fabric of pillow case is very easy.

Good pillow case will help your customer remember you.

3.Check out the sample

After receiving the pillow sample, you need to confirm if the pillow sample matches your design idea.

4.Final Step: Transferring a pillow design to a production file

Creating production file typically involves transferring a vector design or otherwise into a production sized bitmap image, which will be done by our skilled team.

Once your design is finished, we will review it to ensure it meets the required technical specifications. Please send us your native files and PDF mockup, and we will suggest any changes to make sure it will be the best pillow it can be.

Ready for Production?

Read our post about detailed pillows manufacturing process:  Detailed pillow manufacturing process.

custom pillow service introduction

Custom Pillow Service Introduction

PT Pillow ( PUTIAN ) was initially a pillow factory. producing pillows for importers and big brands is our main pillow service, in recently years we have also been seeing a huge demand in small custom pillow service, so we opened a flexible pillow production line back in 2018. With more than 2 years of operation, we have managed to decrease the minimum ordering quantity from 2,000 pieces to 300 pieces per design per size, as a result of our process-wise lean management throughout the custom pillow workflow, it did help a lot of small business get started with much smaller investment. Although the profit is small compared to our original OEM pillow service, but we do feel proud of it.

We have over 30 colors of fabric in stock for your choice and we offer physical samples to customers for approval before every batch of bulk production. Below please find a brief introduction of our one-stop custom pillow service, In a word, we accept both big orders(for pillow importers or distributors), and small orders(for small business/independent brands).

Custom Pillow Service Made Easy, by PT Pillow Team

Simply send us a graphical pillow design and we will make your design into real pillows!

Pillow design

If you are a start-up businss, you probably think pillow design is difficult, but it’s not when it comes to pillows manufacturing. Most factories accept whatever formats of design(jpg, png, psd, ai… etc), There are 3 ways you can make a pillow design.

Real Design: create a pattern by yourself or a professional designer;

Copy Design: search Pinterest and find patterns of pillows to your taste, then send the pattern to the factory;

Pick a real pillows sample in your local market and send it to the factory;

You can design your pillow in whatever software and send us a high-resolution *.pdf file.

  • Pillows can be solid color or printed, so any color or pattern is acceptable;
  • [suggested] Select free copyright or licensed pattern;
  • leave enough space for each color block so that the pattern looks smooth;

Tag Design

On the tag is your brand information and pillows information(price, code, name, composition, etc),

Pillow Material

  • For small orders: Cotton, microbead, Inflatable are supported;
  • For big orders(>10,000 pcs): No limitations; including memory foam pillow mold.

Pillows can be made from different material, sucha as cotton, microbead and memory foam. For the memory foam pillows that we have in stock, small orders are acceptable, but if your pillow design need to develop a new pillow mold, then your small pillow order is not acceptable unless you are willing to pay for the development of the mold.

Minimum Ordering Quantity

300 pieces per design per size.

Minimum order quantity has always been the first thing asked by our new clients, especially for start-up pillow business.

Honestly speaking, as a pillows manufacturing factory, PT Pillow have been long producing pillows in big quantities, we now produces 10,000 pieces of pillows everyday and 85% of them are for big-scale customers (mainly importers at European and American countries). However in recent years we see the trend that custom pillow business are growing rapidly around the world, while young entreprenuers are struggling at finding a pillow factory with low MOQs.

PT Pillows see the potential in such small but beautiful business and want to help by offering premium quality pillows and satisfying communicating service.

Size Reference.

The pillows factory needs to make sure the size of your pillows, so as to:

Estimate the approximate weight of pillows, thus decide the material usage&cost;

Since pillow size reference varies from different pillow type, every pillow factory accepts your designed size.

Custom Packaging

  • Tags or custom wrap bands both supported (related posthere);
  • Special barcodes can be installed based on your requirements;

International Delivery

We are based in China and the logistic network is quite efficient!

  • Express delivery: Door-to-door, we will take care of exporting and importing documents, import taxes covered typically for small orders;
  • Sea shipping: for big orders;

General Process

1.Order detail confirmation

  • Agreement on pillow designs, sizing, packaging, delivery, etc;
  • Quotes ;

2.Sampling & Sample delivery & Sample approval/revisions

  • Sampling fee 100USD per design + International delivery fee 30USD, note that the sampling fee will be waived upon bulk production;
  • PT Pillow start sampling based on your design, 5-7 days;
  • International sampling delivery, 3-7 days;
  • You can approve the samples or ask us to make revisions;

3.Bulk Production

  • 50% upfront to start bulk production;
  • Production(pillows+packaging) finished, 7-10 days for small orders, finished bulk photos will be sent to you;
  • 50% balanced paid;

4.International delivery

distinguish memory foam pillow

Distinguish best memory foam pillow: the definitive guide 2020?

Distinguish memory foam pillow: the definitive guide?

Many office workers who spend a lot of time sitting in front of computers have cervical vertebra problems, which not only affect their health, but also affect their daily life and work.

Memory foam pillow is  made of slow rebound material. It can help white collar workers, cervical spondylosis and the elderly to sleep and rest.

So do you know how to distinguish real memory foam pillows and identify whether they are really resilient memory foam pillows?

The characteristics of memory foam pillow:

Absorbing impact force

Because the force on the head and neck is very flat, it feels like floating on the water or clouds when it is pillowed, and it feels like no pressure, also known as.

Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, we have auricle compression, but this is not the case when we use memory foam pillows.

Memory deformation

The ability of automatic moulding can fix the skull and reduce the possibility of falling pillow; and the ability also can properly fill shoulder space

Avoid common problems of air leakage in shoulder bedding, and effectively prevent cervical spine problems. Usually the special pillow (also known as butterfly pillow) fits the shoulder and neck better.

Anti-bacterial and anti-mite

Slow-rebound sponge inhibits the growth of fungi

Eliminates the stimulating odor produced by the growth of fungi, and becomes more prominent when there are sweaty saliva.

Air permeability and moisture absorption

Because the shape of memory sponge is similar to sponge, each unit is interconnected

Moisture absorption performance is excellent and breathable, but it must be noted that memory cotton can not be watered or exposed to the sun.

Method of selecting memory foam pillow:

1. Is it pure material?

Are pillows made of 100% polyurethane and added with high density?

This is the secret of the industry’s production and high density.

More than 90% of the memory foam pillows on the market are made of impure materials, so the density index is gradually difficult to measure the real quality of the pillow.

2. Have you passed the security inspection?

Slow rebound materials belong to chemical substances, which are harmful to chemical composition.

Therefore, it is necessary to control their safety indicators in production.

Whether the volatilization of toxic and harmful substances with slow rebound can be brought into full play, or whether a pillow is suitable or not, depends on whether their safety detection indicators are passed.

Detection of slow rebound products includes detection of toxic and harmful substances as well as pure materials.

3. Density

Density is one of the basic indexes of high-grade slow-resilient materials.

The density of polyurethane in general moulding process can reach 70-150D and cutting process can reach 40-100D.

Due to technical bottlenecks and equipment differences, the density of polyurethane produced in China is generally lower than 100D, while that in foreign countries can reach 150 D, followed by even phase.

The same density of products will vary greatly, mainly due to the different formulations, processes and raw materials.

That is to say, high-grade slow resilience material must be high density. but only high density is not necessarily high-grade material.

Really good memory materials have a density of more than 150 kg/cubic meters. The average memory sponge density is usually only about 40-50 kg/cubic meter.

The high-grade slow springback material of the moulding method must be high density. but only high density is not necessarily high-grade material.

It must be able to maintain air permeability and fit the characteristics of the human body. The density is between 120D and 150D, which is particularly prominent in this respect.

4. Springback time

Some domestic memory foam pillow manufacturers mislead consumers to say that 3-5 seconds is the best rebound time of memory pillow.

In fact, the rebound time of international brand memory pillow is far more than 5 seconds. The rebound time of domestic memory cotton (or sponge plus chemical additives) is about 3-5 seconds.

Some domestic factories have produced more than 5 seconds of slow rebound time memory cotton. Use life is very short, and eventually give up.

The rebound time is more than 10 seconds, and the weight of only one feather can maintain the existing shape after shaping.

Professional terminology calls the size of the gravity required to maintain the shape ability.

From this point of view, domestic materials can relieve some of the skeletal pressure, while imported materials can even release the pressure on blood vessels and make people feel better. Floating comfort.

5.Manufacturing process

There are two manufacturing processes for slow springback: cutting and moulding.

Cutting is the finished product of the slow rebound sponge, cut into pillow shape, because the formation is by cutting rather than die + additives, without adding other additives.

So even pure material density can only achieve 40D-70D. Molding is made by adding additives, foaming, die pressing and a series of processes.

Due to the addition of other additives, including foaming, softening and other chemical additives, so the density increased to about 70D-90D, good handle, pillow life is independent of the process.

Memory foam pillow is very popular because of its function and material particularity. At the same time, there are many counterfeits.

In order to buy high quality memory pillow, let’s learn how to make it up.

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Putian manufacture and wholesale all kinds of travel pillow, such as memory foam travel pillow, microbead pillow and cotton travel pillow.

neck pillow material

What are pillow filling materials 2020?

Pillow Filling Material is very important for a good neck pillow.

About half of our lives are sleeping. In the meantime, we all want peace, comfort, safety and health. Make sure we are energized for the rest of the time.

A good quality neck pillow plays a vital role in providing the necessities needed for a quiet sleep! The good neck pillow often depends on its material, and our content today is the material of the neck pillow.

Memory Foam

memory foam neck pillow

Memory Foam is also called inert sponge, slow rebound sponge sponge, low rebound sponge, slow elastic cotton, zero pressure sponge. According to the different processes, it can be divided into polyether foaming series and MDI molding series.
The slow rebound sponge was originally developed as a high-tech material for NASA’s space program. It is designed for astronauts to help alleviate the pressure on astronauts during take-off and landing. Due to the unique pressure relief features of the slow rebound sponge, slow rebound pillows and mattresses allow the body to rest in a natural, stress-free position.

  • Absorbs the impact force, it feels like floating on the water or the cloud when it is on the pillow. The skin feels like no pressure. It is also called zero pressure. Sometimes we use the usual pillow to suppress the auricle, but the memory foam pillow will not.
  • According to the ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic shaping ability can fix the skull and reduce the possibility of stiff neck; the ability of automatic shaping can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid common problems of air leakage in the shoulder, and can effectively prevent cervical problems.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-mite, memory foam inhibits mold growth, repels the irritating odor caused by mold growth, and appears to be more prominent when there is sweaty saliva.
  • Breathable and hygroscopic, because each cell unit is connected to each other, the moisture absorption performance is excellent, and it is also breathable.
  • Unstable physical properties, easy to oxidize and yellow, release toxic substances, need to add chemical ingredients. The oxidation process cannot be prevented, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process accelerates and releases odor. Because the sponge products that people often see are initially milky white, they turn yellow after a period of time, which is the cause of oxidation.


microbead neck pillow

Foam particles, also known as snow peas, are high molecular polymers and have fluidity. They are more comfortable as neck pillow cushions. They can be adjusted with indoor temperature, warm in winter, cool in summer, environmentally friendly and healthy. They are widely used now and are popular among the public. the consumers like microbeads travel neck pillow which is made of it.

  • No static, no odor, no sound, good hand feeling, non-toxic, flame retardant, uniform particle size.
  • The new environmentally friendly foaming material with high strength cushioning and shock resistance is flexible, light and elastic. It can absorb and disperse the external impact force by bending to achieve the buffering effect, and overcome the fragile, deformation and recovery of ordinary styrofoam. The disadvantage of poor sex. Good impact resistance and invariability of cushioning effect make it widely used in high-end furniture, household appliances, instrumentation craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet interlayers, sound insulation, travel bags, precision parts. , a variety of pipe insulation and other fields.
  • At the same time, it has a series of superior use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
  • A white material with an electrostatic agent added has significant antistatic properties.
  • It is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled. In addition to packaging, it can also be used in a wide range of fields such as construction and electromechanical engineering.

PP Cotton

cotton neck pillow

PP cotton: commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as filled cotton, made of polypropylene fiber for artificial chemical fiber, polypropylene fiber is (the plastic density is relatively light, especially note that polypropylene fiber is different from polyester Fiber should not be confused. It is distinguished from the production process: it mainly has two kinds of fiber and hollow. The neck pillow made of this material has good resilience, smooth hand feeling, low price and good warmth. It is widely used in toy filling, neck pillow filling,clothing, bedding and glue spraying. Cotton and water purification equipment and other industries. Applicable to the clothing factory, toy factory, spray cotton factory, non-woven fabrics, water purification equipment and other manufacturers.

  • Good elasticity
  • Strong bulkiness
  • Smooth hand feeling
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Not afraid of squeezing
  • Good warmth,
  • And it is easy to clean and quick dry.

Inflatable Pillow

inflatable neck pillow

The inflatable neck pillow is made of high-grade composite PVC fabric, built-in soft and high-elastic sponge, which can automatically inflate the function.

  • Easy to carry and put on the pillow.
  • Portable,
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for office lunch breaks, outdoor, home use, easy to carry.

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Unlike traditional pillow manufacturers, travel neck pillow are our strengths.

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