custom pillow design guideline

Custom Pillow Design – Guideline

This Post is a guideline about custom pillow design, make sure you read this carefully to ensure we can turn your pillow design into a real pillow.

Pillow design is not simple because many factors are involved, pillow filling material, pillow shape, pillow case and the pillow design idea.

The following is a brief guide for you to understand how pillows are designed from the first pillow idea to the last finished pillow on the machine.

  1. Explain the pillow design idea ( OPTIONAL )
  2. Confirm the pillow material
  3. Check out the sample
  4. Final Step: Transferring a pillow design to a production file

1.Explain the pillow design idea

Each pillow is designed to solve a body problem and help people get a better life. for example, travel pillow is designed to help us get a neck support and sleeping better while travelling, lumbar pillow is designed to relieve the back pain, knee pillow is designed to help side-sleeper relieve hip pain, sciatica, or leg pain.

If you are willing to explain your design idea, it will help us understand and accelerate our pillow business.

2.Confirm the pillow material

2.1 Confirm the pillow filling material

Designing for memory foam pillows is a very different process from designing for cotton pillow or microbead pillow.

It’s possible to make a pillow sample within one day for for cotton pillow or microbead pillow, but not for memory foam pillow, because memory foam starts its life as polyurethane foam—a material first manufactured in the 1950s by adding water, halocarbons, or hydrocarbons to a polyurethane mix. Depending on the chemicals added and the way it is processed, polyurethane can form anything from car parts to spray liner, or in this case, one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces the world has ever seen.

In the modern production of memory foam, a polyol is mixed with a diisocyanate and water. The foam rises like bread, with an open cell structure that helps give it its unique ability to spring back slowly from pressure. The introduction of gases into the initial solution creates a bubble matrix; vary the application of chemicals, and the size of the bubbles changes. A more open cell structure will have more give, and allow more airflow through the material.

After receiving the memory foam pillow mold, we still need enough time to adjust the proportion of raw materials in order to get a perfect comfort and support.

2.2 Confirm the pillow case material

Finding a comfortable and breathable fabric of pillow case is very easy.

Good pillow case will help your customer remember you.

3.Check out the sample

After receiving the pillow sample, you need to confirm if the pillow sample matches your design idea.

4.Final Step: Transferring a pillow design to a production file

Creating production file typically involves transferring a vector design or otherwise into a production sized bitmap image, which will be done by our skilled team.

Once your design is finished, we will review it to ensure it meets the required technical specifications. Please send us your native files and PDF mockup, and we will suggest any changes to make sure it will be the best pillow it can be.

Ready for Production?

Read our post about detailed pillows manufacturing process:  Detailed pillow manufacturing process.

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