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How To Find Knee Pillow Supplier On Google 2022?

Finding a reliable knee pillow supplier is very important for startups company.

Google is undoubtedly the world’s largest and most influential search engine. It is also the most commonly used search engine for international buyers. We use Google every day to do many important things.

Making good use of Google search to find target customers has become an essential professional quality for every international buyer. So how do we use Google search to quickly find a knee pillow supplier?

Today, I want to share with you 5 specific tips on how to search for knee pillow suppliers on Google!

Target search method (role: importer/supplier/buyer/seller…)

Method 1: Importer method

[How to do: enter product name + importer in Google]

Method 2: Distributor method

[How to do: search for product name + distributor in Google]

Method 3: Other types of target customer search

[How to do: search for product name + other customer types in Google]

(In addition to importers and distributors, relevant target customer terms also include buyers, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers and their plural forms.)

For example: Knee pillow supplier, knee pillow manufacturer, knee pillow factory, knee pillow importer, knee pillow distributor.

Product Location Search (feature: price/sales/evaluation…)

Method 1: Price method

[ how to do: search price + product name ]

Method 2: Sale method

[ how to do: Search Sale + product name ]

Method 3: Review method

[ how to do: Search Review + product name ]

For example: $10 Knee pillow, sale knee pillow, review leg pillow.

Product Association Search (historical release of relevant information)

Method 1: Related Product method

[ how to do: Product Name + Associated Product name ]

Method 2: Market Research

[ how to do: Product name + Market Survey Results ]

Method 3: The famous buyer method

[ how to do: Product name + Company name of a known buyer in your industry ]

For example: knee pillow + leg pillow.

Web Directory search method

Method 1: URL directory of well-known websites

Companies that focus on the Web tend to set up accounts at and, which contain a list of the most popular URLs. Therefore, we can also find some customer information in these two website directories.

Method 2: Business Directory Website

Some websites, such as, you can search the directory of the company you want.

Method 3: Importer and distributor list website

You can find them by searching importer catalogs and distribution catalogs.

Method 4: Directory of National Chamber of Commerce

Trade name + Association; General business associations around the world include manufacturers, distributors and other related information.

Advanced Search

1. Double quotes

Putting the search term in double quotation marks means that the page returned by the search results contains all the words that appear in the double quotation marks, even if the order is correct. Both Baidu and Google support this command. For example: “Hair extension”

Hair Extension must be an exact match from a search point of view, not a general search. Using double quotes allows you to find specific keywords for your competitors more accurately.

2. Minus sign

Sometimes you don’t want to see the results of certain keywords, you can use the command to eliminate the minus sign. For example, if you want to watch an Apple phone instead of a movie about Apple, then the minus sign is valid.

The minus sign (-) means to search for pages that do not contain the word after the minus sign. To use this command, there must be a space before the minus sign. There is no space after the minus sign, followed by the word to be excluded. Both Google and Baidu support this instruction. For example, the result returned by apple-movie contains the word “apple” but not the word “movie”.

3. inurl

LinurlL: This command is used to search the page where the query appears in the URL. Both Baidu and Google support Inurl. The INURL command supports Chinese and English.

For example, searching for: Iiurl: Hair extension will return pages with “hair extension” in the URL. Because the existence of keywords in the URL has a certain impact on rankings, you can use INURL: Search to find competitors more accurately.

4. inanchor

Inanchor: The result of the instruction is to import pages that contain search terms in the anchor text of the link.

For example, in a Google search: Inanchor: The results returned by clicking here do not necessarily include the word “click here”, but the word “click here” appears in the anchor text of links to these pages.

It can be used to find competitors for a certain keyword, and these competitors are often doing SEO. You can find many link resources by studying the external links on the competitor’s page.

5. intitle

Intitle: This command returns the title of the page containing the keyword. Both Google and Baidu support the intitle command.

The files found using the intitle command are more accurate for competing pages. If a keyword only appears in the visible text of the page, but not in the title, then most of the time it is because the competitor has not optimized for the keyword, so it is not a true competitor.

6. filetype

Used to search for a specific file format.

Both Google and Baidu support file type instructions. For example, searching for file type: PDF hair extension will return all PDF files that contain the keyword hair extension.

Google supports all indexable file formats, including PDF, doc, xls, ppt, RTF, HTML, PHP, etc.

7. site

Site: is the most familiar SEO advanced search command, used to search a domain name under all the files. For example, querying shows all pages of the domain name

8. related

Relevant: This command only applies to Google and returns the page associated with the website. Search related: For example,, you will get other pages that Google thinks are related to the site.

These advanced search commands can be used alone to find a large number of resources or more accurately locate competitors. The combination of these commands is more powerful.

I hope you can benefit a lot from my guide. I will keep it updated. I am a leading manufacturer of memory foam products in China. If you have any questions about import from China, please feel free to contact us, we are always here.

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