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Find Pillow Manufacturer: The Definitive Guide 2021

Find Pillow Manufacturers: The Definitive Guide 2021

Let’s find the right pillow manufacturer to turn your pillow design into a real pillow and start your pillow business.

As we all know, there are many types of pillows, including bed pillows, travel pillows, knee pillows, foot pillows, back pillows and more. Their functions are different.

When you find that you have a brilliant idea for a product, you are sure that it can help the public solve difficult problems, such as sleeping problem and help them get a natural sleep.

You did extensive research and drafted a pillow design, and you even thought about a perfect name for your pillow design; but the only question is: how to mass produce and let more people touch your pillows? The only way is to find the right pillow manufacturers.

There is no doubt that turning your pillow design into reality is the most important step in developing your pillow business. However, your pillow design can be challenging. Pillow suppliers who can turn your ideas into tangible things and provide high-quality pillows are difficult to find in the real world.

How do you find a pillow manufacturer to make your pillow?

In this guide, you will learn the exact process

You need to make sure that the pillows manufacturer you choose is the most suitable pillow factory for you.

Domestic VS Foreign?

Domestic manufacturer: A manufacturer that manufactures goods in your country/region. For example, if you live in the USA, domestic manufacturers will also be located in the USA.

Overseas manufacturer: Any manufacturer located outside of your country. For example, if you are in

In the United States, if you choose a Chinese manufacturer, the manufacturer will be considered overseas.

Which is better?

Choosing domestic or overseas manufacturers is not easy. Many factors need to be considered.

Domestic pillow manufacturers: Advantages

Smoother communication: Because you can speak the same language and may be in the same time zone.

Faster delivery time

You will receive your pillows quickly, with lower transportation and handling costs, because you don’t have to shipping them to you and have to bear huge transportation, handling and customs fees.

More flexible payment methods.

Some overseas countries do not accept certain payment methods.

More at ease

You can see how the manufacturer manufactures products on the spot.

Domestic pillow manufacturers: disadvantages

Although domestic manufacturers may seem very attractive, there are some obvious disadvantages that may make you stop.

The production cost is significantly higher than overseas pillows manufacture.

Production capacity is limited because many domestic manufacturers simply do not have the technology for mass production.

Overseas manufacturers: advantages

When most people think of overseas manufacturers, China will be the first one.

China produces a large part of its products and sells them all over the world. Some of the benefits of choosing a Chinese or other overseas manufacturer to create your product include:

Significantly reduce production costs, especially compared with domestic manufacturers.

There are plenty of manufacturers that produce a wide variety of pillows with different quality pillows. For example, memory foam pillows and microbeads are produced in China.

It is easy to find pillow manufacturers on several well-known platforms.

It can be produced in large quantities because many overseas suppliers have equipment and technologies that can be used to manufacture a large number of items at once.

Overseas pillow manufacturers: disadvantages

Unless you are present or hire a third party, there is no real way to supervise the production of your items.

Many consumers believe that products manufactured overseas are of poor quality, which may have a negative impact on the value of your products and limit sales.

There may be communication problems because there are often language and cultural barriers. In addition, overseas pillow manufacturing company are in completely different time zones. For example, if you are located in the United States, and you choose a pillow manufacturer China, there is a full-day time difference.

Transportation costs are higher. Customs is usually an issue that must be dealt with; however, most experienced overseas pillow company will help you through this process.

Knowledge theft is more likely; for example, your pillow design may be stolen by the manufacturer and sold to someone in the local area.

So, how to choose the right manufacturer depends on your specific needs, including the type of products you want, how many products you need, and your budget. If you are just starting out and have limited resources, choosing an overseas manufacturer may be your better choice. Many mature companies choose to continue manufacturing products overseas.

Where can I find a pillows manufacturer

The first thing is that you must determine where your manufacturer is. You can find and view their About Us by doing a quick search on the Internet. If you can, check their product page to see what type of pillows your manufacturer is good at.

Not all manufacturers produce all types of pillows, and some manufacturers only produce bedding pillows, memory foam pillows and some custom pillows so on.

You can find pillow manufacturers in two ways: meet with suppliers or find them online.

How to face to face?

Visit their factory

This method involves compiling a list of manufacturers and actually visiting them. Generally speaking, this is the easiest to do if you are choosing a domestic manufacturer; however, if you have the resources, you can visit other manufacturing plants in other countries.

Participate in the exhibition

You can visit exhibitions such as Conton Fair. This allows you to meet face to face and work with Chinese manufacturers.

The advantage of the face-to-face approach is that you have the opportunity to really see how the product is made, verify the quality of the product, and establish cooperation with the factory. However, the downside A face-to-face search can require considerable time and money.

Online method

If visiting the facility in person is not suitable for you, you can search for one via Google. The advantage of this method is that its cost and time are much lower. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to directly see the production quality. Be sure to use the technology available for this method. On-site meetings, for example, software, or even just Skype, can help you understand your identity, talk and build relationships.

Choose the manufacturer that best suits your needs

Once you decide whether to choose a domestic or overseas manufacturer, please draw up a list of options that you think best suits your needs. Once you have the list, you can begin the process of actually selecting a manufacturer.

Many pillow suppliers have made great promises, but in fact, many people have not fulfilled these promises. Here are some tips to help you avoid using poor quality craftsmanship and help you find a manufacturer you can trust to provide excellent products:

Know what questions to ask. Questioning potential candidates is crucial; but what type of questions should you ask?

Basically, you should ask about anything related to their reputation,


  • Their pillow manufacturing process,
  • The supply of pillow materials they use,
  • What is their specialty,
  • what their record is like,
  • Who did they produce materials for before,
  • How to deal with communications,
  • What are their costs.


Make sure you understand information such as MOQ, expected delivery time, etc, these are the key factors that affect product production.

Be ready to negotiate a minimum. The minimum order quantity is common for finished products. Be fully prepared to negotiate minimum standards.

When you understand why they want a certain number of orders from you, you can better meet their needs.

Sum It Up

Finding a good manufacturer is the key to turning pillow ideas into reality.

If you are just starting out, please choose a supplier based in China for budget reasons, and product quality.

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