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How to Import Pillow With Small Quantity from China: Guide for pillow Business Starter

You can find many articles talking about [import goods from China], but when it comes to [ import pillow from China] (and other pillow goods), this article will be the best fit for you.

We got many inquiries from people who want to import pillow with small quantity from China to start a small pillow business, since our website started.

As we all know, find a nice pillow manufacturer is the most important thing for small pillow business starter, it will help import pillow from China.

Most of them do not have much relevant experience, and just consider that import pillow from China is very simple: find a Chinese pillow supplier, import pillow in low price, ship home and sell high price in local market.

But the truth is import pillow with small quantity directly from China is never that easy.

You will face many different problems, such as shipping fee higher than product’s value, or your order is much less than pillow supplier’s MOQ.

In some circumstance, you may have to give up your wonderful plan of starting the new pillow business.

In this article, we will give a complete introduction of how to import pillow with small quantity from China and explain some problems you may have.

1.What Is Small Pillow Business? And What Is Small Quantity Buyers?

Different companies and people have different definitions about small pillow business. Most pillow agents or consulting companies define small pillow business as those who import less than USD 500,000 annually. But for many pillow business starters, this amount is way too high, and maybe they still can’t reach after 5 years. That’s why it’s not easy for small starter pillow business to find a suitable pillow supplier or pillow manufacturer who can offer them small quantity pillows.

I’d like to define customers who purchase USD 5,000-50,000 (including different kinds of pillows) in one order as Small Pillow Business. With this amount, the shipment volume usually is from 5CBM to a 40HQ container. This amount usually can reach some pillow factory’s MOQ, and can buy from them directly.

4 to 5 CBM normally will be the most suitable minimum volume for LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping. If less than this, the whole export & import process is complicated and costs lot of money, which means the average cost for each pillow will be high.

Small Quantity Buyers refer to those who buy less than $2,000 per order, and who just start new pillow business (I mentioned in the beginning) are also a part of them. This article will more focus on helping small pillow business.

2.What Kind of Pillows Are Suitable for Small Quantity Buyer?

For small pillow business importer, those who buy more than USD 5,000 per order, they must know what to import and how to sell. But small business starter probably even have no idea what kind pillows to start with first.

a. Small Size Pillows

Shipping is always a big problem for small quantity importers. Because their shipping volume is always too less for LCL, usually less than 2 CBM, and have to choose air freight or express, which cost 8-10 times higher than LCL sea freight.

Pillows with large size, like bed pillow or lumbar pillow, is not suitable for small quantity pillow importers, because both express and air freight fee is charged by dimension weight (length*height*width).

Small size pillows are good choice for small quantity buyer, such as microbeads pillow.

This means your shipping cost is even higher than products’ value, but your competitors import by LCL sea freight which costs 80% less than you. Then you have no chance to compete with them in local market.

So for small quantity pillow importers, small size pillows are better choice. Shipping cost won’t be high, sometimes only 10% of product’s value. Such as cotton neck pillows, microbeads neck pillow, etc. Most pillow importers of them won’t choose sea shipping because of the timeliness, so no need to worry about your shipping cost is higher than competitors.

b. Choose Easy-to-manufacture Pillows

Small quantity buyers can try to find some easy-to-manufacture pillows, and avoid those complicated pillows, such as memory foam pillows.

Some people think that memory foam pillows are very easy to be sold as everyone needs them, but it’s not true.

Because the memory foam needs mould to produce, the mould cost needs to be borne by the customer. This is a big expense for small quantity pillow importers.

Of course, as a a pillow factory, we can try to help the customer to share the cost. If your memory foam pillow design is good enough, we would like to try our best to help you import pillow from China and develop your pillow business in your local market.

For instance, we received many inquiries of from different countries (European and Middle East countries), and they want to design a unique pillow.

3. How to import pillow from China?

I have to say that the shipping way is really a big problem for small quantity buyers as mentioned in the beginning.

Sometimes small quantity has to give up importing from China because express is the only way to ship, and it’s too expensive.

a. International Express and Air Freight

International express is suitable for cargoes under 300kg, while air freight is suitable for over 300kg.

But air freight needs the same import & export processes as sea freight. You also need to pick up your cargo at the airport.

b. LCL Companies That Offer All-in Price Shipping Service

This kind of LCL companies is the best choice for small quantity buyers to import pillow from China.

They usually are specialized in certain ports or areas and offer all-in price shipping service.

They will handle all custom and shipping process, and you just need to pick up your cargo in their warehouse, or sometimes they can deliver to the door. Their price is very low even you ship 0.5CBM because the container is shared by 10 to 40 clients.

But this kind of companies is hard to find, not existing in every area or cities. You’d better ask some experienced importers in your country, and maybe they know.

It makes more sense for sea freight. If you import different pillow , each product 0.5CBM, then you can consider to consolidate them together by LCL sea shipping. By doing this, your shipping cost will be 80% less than express. Or you have to pay for 5 international expresses separately because there’s no cheaper solution.

So you can choose one reliable pillow supplier, they will help you import pillow from China, such as PT Pillow (PUTIAN).

We will send the goods to a nearby port, then the forwarder can pick up cargoes together in one place.

We strongly recommend you to try to consolidate cargoes, so that you can gain more import experience about import pillow from China. Then congratulations, you moved the first step of expanding your business, and you can try to purchase larger quantity next time.

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