distinguish memory foam pillow

Distinguish best memory foam pillow: the definitive guide 2020?

Distinguish memory foam pillow: the definitive guide?

Many office workers who spend a lot of time sitting in front of computers have cervical vertebra problems, which not only affect their health, but also affect their daily life and work.

Memory foam pillow is  made of slow rebound material. It can help white collar workers, cervical spondylosis and the elderly to sleep and rest.

So do you know how to distinguish real memory foam pillows and identify whether they are really resilient memory foam pillows?

The characteristics of memory foam pillow:

Absorbing impact force

Because the force on the head and neck is very flat, it feels like floating on the water or clouds when it is pillowed, and it feels like no pressure, also known as.

Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, we have auricle compression, but this is not the case when we use memory foam pillows.

Memory deformation

The ability of automatic moulding can fix the skull and reduce the possibility of falling pillow; and the ability also can properly fill shoulder space

Avoid common problems of air leakage in shoulder bedding, and effectively prevent cervical spine problems. Usually the special pillow (also known as butterfly pillow) fits the shoulder and neck better.

Anti-bacterial and anti-mite

Slow-rebound sponge inhibits the growth of fungi

Eliminates the stimulating odor produced by the growth of fungi, and becomes more prominent when there are sweaty saliva.

Air permeability and moisture absorption

Because the shape of memory sponge is similar to sponge, each unit is interconnected

Moisture absorption performance is excellent and breathable, but it must be noted that memory cotton can not be watered or exposed to the sun.

Method of selecting memory foam pillow:

1. Is it pure material?

Are pillows made of 100% polyurethane and added with high density?

This is the secret of the industry’s production and high density.

More than 90% of the memory foam pillows on the market are made of impure materials, so the density index is gradually difficult to measure the real quality of the pillow.

2. Have you passed the security inspection?

Slow rebound materials belong to chemical substances, which are harmful to chemical composition.

Therefore, it is necessary to control their safety indicators in production.

Whether the volatilization of toxic and harmful substances with slow rebound can be brought into full play, or whether a pillow is suitable or not, depends on whether their safety detection indicators are passed.

Detection of slow rebound products includes detection of toxic and harmful substances as well as pure materials.

3. Density

Density is one of the basic indexes of high-grade slow-resilient materials.

The density of polyurethane in general moulding process can reach 70-150D and cutting process can reach 40-100D.

Due to technical bottlenecks and equipment differences, the density of polyurethane produced in China is generally lower than 100D, while that in foreign countries can reach 150 D, followed by even phase.

The same density of products will vary greatly, mainly due to the different formulations, processes and raw materials.

That is to say, high-grade slow resilience material must be high density. but only high density is not necessarily high-grade material.

Really good memory materials have a density of more than 150 kg/cubic meters. The average memory sponge density is usually only about 40-50 kg/cubic meter.

The high-grade slow springback material of the moulding method must be high density. but only high density is not necessarily high-grade material.

It must be able to maintain air permeability and fit the characteristics of the human body. The density is between 120D and 150D, which is particularly prominent in this respect.

4. Springback time

Some domestic memory foam pillow manufacturers mislead consumers to say that 3-5 seconds is the best rebound time of memory pillow.

In fact, the rebound time of international brand memory pillow is far more than 5 seconds. The rebound time of domestic memory cotton (or sponge plus chemical additives) is about 3-5 seconds.

Some domestic factories have produced more than 5 seconds of slow rebound time memory cotton. Use life is very short, and eventually give up.

The rebound time is more than 10 seconds, and the weight of only one feather can maintain the existing shape after shaping.

Professional terminology calls the size of the gravity required to maintain the shape ability.

From this point of view, domestic materials can relieve some of the skeletal pressure, while imported materials can even release the pressure on blood vessels and make people feel better. Floating comfort.

5.Manufacturing process

There are two manufacturing processes for slow springback: cutting and moulding.

Cutting is the finished product of the slow rebound sponge, cut into pillow shape, because the formation is by cutting rather than die + additives, without adding other additives.

So even pure material density can only achieve 40D-70D. Molding is made by adding additives, foaming, die pressing and a series of processes.

Due to the addition of other additives, including foaming, softening and other chemical additives, so the density increased to about 70D-90D, good handle, pillow life is independent of the process.

Memory foam pillow is very popular because of its function and material particularity. At the same time, there are many counterfeits.

In order to buy high quality memory pillow, let’s learn how to make it up.

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