minimum order quantity custom pillows

Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Pillows Using Different material

First Thing of Custom Pillows

Minimum order quantity has always been the first thing of custom pillows asked by our new clients, especially for start-up pillow business.

Honestly speaking, as a pillows manufacturing factory, PT Pillow have been long producing pillows in big quantities, we now produces 10,000 pcs of pillows everyday and 85% of them are for big-scale customers (mainly importers at European and American countries). However in recent years we see the trend that custom pillow business are growing rapidly around the world, while young entreprenuers are struggling at finding a pillow factory with low MOQs.

PT Pillow see the potential in such small but beautiful business and want to help by offering premium quality pillows and satisfying communicating service.

Our minimumm order quantites for different material:

For  Memory Foam Custom Pillows : 500 PCS

Since the memory foam needs mould to produce, the mould cost needs to be borne by the customer.

Of course, as a a pillow factory, we can try to help the customer to share the cost. If your memory foam pillow design is good enough, we would like to try our best to help you develop your pillow business.

For Microbead Custom Pillows: 200 PCS

As a powerful pillow manufacturer, we have alot of microbead filling machines and equipment.

We can complete your custom microbeads pillow sample and send it to you in one day.

For Cotton Custom Pillows: 200 PCS

Just like custom microbeads pillow, we always keep the cotton material in stock, we can make your pillow design into real pillow in one day.

Note that the MOQs are for each design, which means that if you have 10 designs, the MOQs will be 10*1,000=10,000 pairs in total.

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