Successful Case of Japan Nintendo

In August 2009, We inquired for neck pillow from the famous video game company Nintendo.

We immediately make a reply and they requested custom fabric colors and patterns. there is no problem in appearance for us.

As we all know, Japan’s requirements are very strict, not to mention large companies, their requirement was very high.

After many communication, the samples are gradually improved.

The customer expressed satisfaction with the quality of the samples.

They determined the final product design.

And then we got their 50000 pieces order.

It is worth mentioning that the guests received samples from several factories. but our samples meet their requirement.

We arranged the production and packaging of each department after getting the order.

In addition, Nintendo has a principle, they will send a person called QC(Quality Control) to supervise the production to the loading. the entire process of entering the container.

We agreed to their requirements after the approval of the leadership.

In other words, our quality requirements are to meet their standards.

Finally, we completed the first order with Nintendo, which laid the foundation for the next few cooperation.

They transferred QC from our factory to another factory.

This behavior is undoubtedly a great trust for us.

In truth, Nintendo has hundreds of cooperative factories in China.

We are fortunate to be one of the most trusted Chinese manufacturers in Nintendo.