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How to start your pillow store online 2021?

In 2021, you should agree that a pillow store online will be your first choice, which brings more sales to us, so let’s start with online pillow business analysis.


  • If you are starting a pillow store online, this article is perfect for you.

The framework looks like this:

  • Getting more sales
  • Trend in pillow store online 2021
  • Getting traffic for your pillows business
  • Packaging your pillows & decorate your store
  • Always care for your pillows ( Product Quality )
  • Get more revisit (It’s more easily to do business existing customers since you have already had some connections)
  • Spending less costs
  • Renting fees on business networks
  • Marketing fees
  • Pillow Manufacturing costs

1. Getting more sales for your pillow store online

  • Trend in pillow store online 2021

With the emergence of the new coronavirus pneumonia, Pillows can be found everywhere from family sofas to plush corporate offices. For emerging pillows retailers, there are plenty of opportunities to source pillows to shoppers, provided you’ve invested the time and energy to properly discern the various segments of the marketplace.provided you’ve invested the time and effort to correctly identify the different parts of the market.

Smart pillows entrepreneurs stock their shelves with a wide variety of products, including memory foam pillows, microbead pillows, cotton pillows, travel pillow, throw pillows, decorative pillows, bed pillows, outdoor pillows, and more. As a startup owner of pillows business, you need to become an pillow design student so that you can locate your inventory and provide customers with the right pillows for every occasion.

  • Getting traffic for pillow store online

You will have some natural traffic since your business is start, this appears as one of your advantages, but do remember, you have to pay for the rents. In these stores you will execute some promotions so that your performance won’t be so bad in the first couple of months after launching.

As you are pursuing more traffic to come, “brand awareness” is one of “the must-dos”, you will publish pillows advertisements (facebook, instagram ads recommended, where you can target to a very explicit audience, you can search in Youtube for tutorials) to create some sense of brand popularity, you can also offer discounts or whatever appealing so that people engage more in your social network accounts, thus influence more potential audience.

  • Packaging your pillows & decorate your store

Packaging is important, as you are runing on local store networks, decorations are something that needs further attention, customers will step into your store because they love its style, otherwise they will just run away.

There are many online stores now runing a business called Dropshipping, They will launch a good-looking website, publish ads on facebook to target audiences that have interests in such goods, and when the website gets sales they will order from Chinese shopping platforms (like Aliexpress and Dhgate) to ship the goods dirtectly to their customers, same goods, 5–10 times of actual price. —It’s all about decorating and style 🙂

  • Always care for your products

Never forget your products, and keep a solid relationship with your pillow manufacturers. Money counts but it doesn’t means everything, you should find a responsible pillows manufacturer, I think you can feel it while communicating. If possible, please fly to China and have a face-to-face meet with the manager+sales representative, that helps you sleep well in the night 🙂

  • Get more revisit (It’s more easily to do business existing customers since you have already had some connections)

Pillows subscriptions (monthly, seasonly, annualy) are highly recommended, it helps you estimate your sales, also, helps with pillows stocking planning which we will be discuss below

Memberships. Ask your customers to sign in your email lists, ( so that they will receives promotions at first time), small gifts giveaways are also applicable too.

Social Network Sharing again——Highest ROI action.

2. Spending less costs

  • Establish a pillow store online

This is very important, you must know about the local comercial conditons.

The challenges and obstacles to launching a new retail business can be enormous. In addition to the need to raise sufficient start-up capital and secure affordable rental space, you also need to deal with inventory issues, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, accounting and tax issues, supplier relationships, and a host of other issues that arise at the most inconvenient times.

The best way to meet the requirements of a retail pillow startup is to have a conversation to develop a comprehensive business plan. Build relationships with successful retailers early on, identify key build activities, and learn from their mistakes.

  • Recruitment tips for pillows shop startup

Are you going to run your pillow store online on your own? This may last for a while, but eventually it gets old. Like it or not, you’ll eventually need to hire employees for your store.

When it comes to hiring, the current economy is an employer’s market. However, the large number of job seekers on the market can actually be detrimental to your recruitment efforts. In many cases, overqualified employees are desperate for whatever job they can get, while continuing to look for the job they really want.

In general, don’t be dazzled by applicants with extensive corporate experience or advanced business degrees. Instead, look for candidates with retail experience and retail career goals. Experience in interior design is a plus, but if the person has solid retail experience, they shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

  • Retail pillows company business plan best practices

If you haven’t written about it before, a business plan for a pillows shop can be a frustrating business need. However, if your business plan is comprehensive and well written, it can become a strategic anchor and a calling card for outside stakeholders.

After you’ve written your plan, you’ll also need to develop a strategy for the next steps.

The business plan distribution policy represents the back end of the business plan requirements. Without exception, the most effective business plans use an organized process to track the release of business plans.

  • Don’t ignore your competitors

Before you open a pillows shop in your area, it’s best to determine the strength of the competition. We provide links below to help you find competitors in your area. Click on the link, enter your city, state, and zip code, and you’ll get a list of nearby pillow shops.

  • Find a pillow shop near you

How will you successfully complete the existing company? It is important that you never underestimate your competitors.

  • Look for good remote business advice

After you’ve evaluated your local competitors, it’s wise to learn from those who already have a business. Local competitors are unlikely to talk to you. Why should they cultivate future competitors?

But someone who owns a pillows shop in another town might be willing to share their entrepreneurial wisdom with you, as long as they don’t see you as a competitive threat. In this case, the business owner may be more than happy to discuss the industry with you. Our estimate is that you may have to contact many business owners to find one willing to share his wisdom with you.

If you are starting an online pillow business, you should consider the cost of creating a pillows website here.

  • Marketing fees

As said above, facebook ads are more recommended, you can try Google adwords too.

  • Pillow Manufacturing costs

I can talk about this whole day if you would like to hear, but I want to make it short here: Pillow Manufacturing is just a small part of the whole line of business, many Chinese pillow manufacturers will complain at earning low manufcturing fees, but they don’t realise the importers (like you) are spending much more time planning, executing, and sustaining the business. So, everybody works and gets his own share, fair enough.

As you may be curious of the specific price of pillow manufacturing, there isn’t a specific number since it varies with your quantity, patterns, and yarns chosen. But here is an example:

for a custom pillow order which contains 2000 pcs pillow, a common American/European manufacturer would charge you $5 or more per unit, but in China, Aha, you can get it at $1-2, or less. Also note that the world’s top quality pillow are mostly made in China. When people are talking about low-quality pillow made-in-China, they are talking about 1990s or those made in small home pillow factory.

 3. Conclusions and Tips for starting your pillow store online

In conclusion, you will need following prepared to run the pillow store online:

  • Budget (Check our blog I will publish a post about budgets later)
  • Creative design (pillows, packages, decorations, ads, etc, find some expert in these if you are not good in designing, PS: we PT Pillow also provides designing service)
  • Marketing strategy (You can do this by your own if you have effort)
  • A reliable manufacturer (hope you will contact me +_+ tired typing for 6 hrs for this article)

Check the list and the pillow business mindmap, then you should be good to go. Good luck!

NOTE: If you want to find a responsible pillow manufacturer, you can directly email to our sales service: team@ptpillow.com

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