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How to Find Reliable Pillow Suppliers for Amazon Selling 2021?

We have discussed how to build your pillow business on Amazon, but many new sellers will still worry about finding a good pillow suppliers, which is as important as finding other good products.

A good pillow supply chain can save you a lot of trouble and make your business develop faster. However, this requires you to maintain a long-term good relationship with the pillow suppliers in order to seek more opportunities for cooperation and lower prices. Therefore, finding a reliable supplier from the beginning is very important for its long-term impact.

At the same time, where can I buy pillows to be sold on Amazon? Today’s post will focus on finding a good pillow suppliers for your Amazon pillow business through the following three points.

  1. Five tips to help you find a niche product.
  2. Four ways to find pillow suppliers. (Including 14B2B and direct selling websites).
  3. Identify a good pillow suppliers by four characters.

1. Five tips to help you find your niche products

I have to say, if you want to have a successful pillow business on Amazon, finding a good pillow suppliers is also closely related to your pillow choice, because you have to know exactly what type of pillow suppliers you need and what special you need. Asked so as not to look for needles in the sea.

By filtering by pillow category, it is possible to better lock down the functions of certain vendors. For example, what industry are the pillow suppliers you are looking for? Is it possible to mark private label? Domestic supplier or foreign supplier? I have summarized 5 tips that can help you better locate suppliers.

Tip 1 Above four stars’ customer review

pillow suppliers

Before you start looking for pillow suppliers, I believe you have some ideas about what pillows to sell through pillow research. Therefore, when you search for pillows on Amazon, please choose a sub-category pillow that interests you.

Then select and filter pillows with more than four stars in customer reviews. The reason is that products with lower star ratings are more prone to problems. With them, you will encounter more customer complaints, and you will get more rewards.

Tip 2 The price is higher than $15

Filter the previous results to show pillows that cost more than $15, you can set higher depending on your pillow category.

pillow suppliers

The reason is because you paid Amazon FBA fees and other fees, it is difficult to make money with low-priced pillows. $15 is the lowest price that guarantees you a profit from the sale. And there are many special categories, the average price may be much higher than $15 so it depends on the situation, you should adjust the price according to your own situation.

Tip 3 Amazon is not in the supplier list

The third point is that we must find a pillow that does not have a strong competitor-Amazon. Amazon not only provides sellers with a sales platform, Amazon itself also has a large number of pillows on sale. You should check Amazon in the Amazon FBA supplier list, because you can hardly get an advantage compared to Amazon.

Therefore, if you are not familiar with the game, you should be more careful to avoid using pillows sold by Amazon. You need to check whether Amazon is selling it now and the history to avoid encountering Amazon sold-out time.

pillow suppliers

(The data from Keepa)

Tip 4 More than 3 sellers

You can open each page and manually check the number of sellers on the product, and use DS Amazon Quick View to get the data. It also tells you whether Amazon is selling the pillow.

Because when there are only one or two Amazon FBA sellers, they are always big-brand or private-label products. It is difficult to compete with big brand companies, and it is also difficult to obtain the right to sell private-label products.

Tip 5 make sure your cake is not too small

In order to estimate that you can occupy a certain market share, you need to look at the total monthly sales and the number of sellers of this pillow at the same price. When you join this sale and the average sales volume is not too low, the pillow will be profitable.

For example-if I sell a travel pillow set for $20, Amazon FBA sells 1,200 copies of this product every month, and there are 5 sellers with similar prices. If you enter this market, there are now 6 people, and each person can sell an average of 200 copies, then you can make money on this pillow. But if everyone can only sell 20 copies, then the cake is too small to share.

The free jungle reconnaissance estimator can be used to obtain the sales number. Add the ranking number, market, and product category, and you will see the product’s sales.

pillow suppliers

Through the above points, you have a general understanding of the pillows you want to sell and the pillow suppliers you are looking for. For example, if you are sure that the product you want to sell is a memory foam knee pillow, and you know that the most competitive pillow suppliers is from China, you do not need to design your own brand on the pillow packaging. Then you can take the next step and find a purposeful pillow supplier.

2. Four ways to find Amazon pillow suppliers. (14 B2B & dropshipping sites included)

Once you have determined what pillows to sell and what the characteristics of the supplier are, you need to find them next. There are many ways to find pillow suppliers online and offline. Today I will introduce how to use the following four ways to wholesale pillows for sale on Amazon.

Online site

The Internet is the most convenient way to find suppliers without having to go out of the house. Reading these websites, searching for your products, and communicating your requirements are the only steps for you to find the right supplier.

I summarized the top 5 useful wholesale websites imported from China, 4 websites purchasing Amazon products from the United States, and 5 websites direct selling.

Five Chinese wholesale websites

  • Alibaba – one of the world’s biggest online commerce platforms.
  • Aliexpress -Aliexpress offers quality products at factory prices in small quantities.
  • Made in China -the leading third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China.
  • Global Source -Expert particularly in the area of electronics and mobile electronics.
  • DHgate-The easiest to use with prompt delivery and good service

If you want to know a more specific introduction about the Chinese wholesale website click the post How to Find Chinese Suppliers Online?

Four US wholesale websites

  • Kinnek – a single platform for small businesses that makes discovering and transacting with suppliers easier than ever before.
  • Orangeshine – an online fashion wholesale marketplace that connects manufacturers and brands to retail buyers
  • Wholesale Central – Wholesale Central is a B2B directory that helps wholesale buyers find wholesale suppliers and products.
  • Worldwide Brands – the industry-standard wholesale & dropship directory for 20 years.

Five dropshipping websites

  • Salehoo – a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for drop shippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.
  • Diba – instant access to hundreds of dropship suppliers and millions of products in one catalog.
  • Chinabrands – a global dropshipping and distributing platform, offering cross-border e-commerce supply chain solutions
  • Printful – an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products for online businesses.
  • Inventory Source – automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform.

Google search directly

Don’t ignore Google search! Many of the brand suppliers have corporate websites, which you can find information about distribution by searching on Google. In this way, you can contact the factory directly.

Open Google Browser and type product name + supplies + the brand name (if you have a brand preference) into the search bar. And if you have other special requests, you can add it after the product name such as private label manufacturers, made in XX (country name).

Show an example, if I want to sell a phone case mainly for Apple users, and I want to label my brand. I would type Apple phone case +supplies + private label manufacturers into the search bar.

pillow suppliers

Trade fair

In addition to online methods, sometimes traditional offline methods are still a very effective way to find pillow suppliers. Trade shows are a good way for sellers to contact pillow suppliers directly.

You can talk face-to-face with pillow suppliers, which will enable you to better understand their company values, products, and quality control measures they take. You can choose from many manufacturers and suppliers at the show. And you can really see the quality of the pillow, which will reduce the trouble of sending many samples.

Of course, do research before participating in trade fairs, because when participating in these events, you need to know exactly what you want. An international exhibition usually has multiple products. You need to choose the exhibition area purposefully, otherwise, you will waste time.


3. Amazon pillow suppliers that can be identified with four characters

By choosing the right supplier, you can reduce shipping delays, poor quality and product returns, thereby obtaining high-quality pillow products and satisfied customers. But how to judge the quality of the supplier? Well, this is not absolute. I have provided you with the following four references. If a supplier meets these requirements, it will not be too bad.


Take responsibility for quality issues

The most important thing for a good pillow supplier is to have a sense of responsibility for their pillows. Responsible for pillows, only such suppliers will not be perfunctory on product quality.

If the supplier can promise to undertake the quality problems of pillow products, and can actively solve the problems and provide solutions after discovering the problems, then the supplier deserves your trust and long-term cooperation.

Irresponsible suppliers are more likely to shift responsibility. They may find various excuses to avoid responsibility, and even accuse the inspectors of incompetence or unprofessionalism. They may also prevent you from meeting deadlines and pillow requirements.

Production capacity

Having consistent and continuous production capacity means that if you need their pillow products, you can do whatever you want. Continuous product supply is the key to your store’s profitability and a prerequisite for a supplier of high-quality pillows.

Of course, production capacity also includes product quality and innovation. A good supplier not only has high-quality production equipment and technology, but also has the ability to continuously innovate and a positive attitude towards continuous improvement.

Smooth communication and happy cooperation

Excellent suppliers communicate well and always keep customers informed. They are willing to cooperate with importers in the form of a team, and as flexible as possible to meet the various requirements of customers.

When communicating with them, they will think from your perspective and try their best to achieve a win-win cooperation. They can keep in close contact with you and maintain good communication to understand the changing needs of both parties.

In line with your development vision

Once you have identified a pillow supplier, you usually want to establish a long-term relationship with each other. To establish such a long-term relationship, it is important that you meet each other’s expectations for the future.

For example, do you want your supplier to continuously introduce new pillow products? Do you want your pillow supplier to continuously innovate production skills? Will there be greater demand in the future? Can the supplier you are looking for meet your development vision?

Combining the above four points, in the process of contact with pillow suppliers, explore whether they meet your requirements for a good pillow supplier.

In summary

Thank you for reading, you can share it with friends who need it. Remember to pay attention to our website, I will bring you more knowledge about Amazon business.

We are the best pillow supplier and pillow manufacturer in China, helping importers purchase pillow products at the most competitive prices. 20% of our customers are Amazon sellers. Therefore, if you want to source pillow products from China or import from China to sell on Amazon, please feel free to contact us.

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